Termite treatment is essential if these destructive pests are found to be active in a building. Any resulting damage is generally not covered by home insurance, and repairs that need to be undertaken could run into many thousands of dollars.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, it’s a great idea to arrange a pre-sale building and pest inspection and report, then you’ll know the true condition of the home before any major decisions are made.

As a vendor, it gives you the opportunity to address potential issues before you put the property to market. For example, should live termites be found you’ll definitely want to treat the infestation immediately and take action to repair any damage before an interested buyer engages an inspector themselves, potentially deciding against the property altogether once the termites are discovered. Termite treatment varies according to the type of pest and whether it is currently active in the area or not.

If you are a buyer and will be applying for finance through a bank or building society, these institutions will generally require a Building & Pest Report prior to settlement. Lending bodies are all about “mitigating the risks” any way they can, and by ensuring the property has minimal defects and is in a serviceable condition for the age of the dwelling, they can be reassured of the value of their collateral.

Purchasers can also benefit greatly from the report as it will give peace of mind – you know you are getting what you’re paying for and there won’t be any nasty surprises once you move in.

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