Building and Pest Inspections


All Building Inspections pre-purchase building reports are clear and comprehensive, providing you with the knowledge and confidence to make the right decision on a property purchase. Our building inspection reports are easy to follow, and include lots of photos of each room and area inspected, including pictures identifying any defects found so that you can see for yourself immediately what those issues are and decide how to proceed.

We ensure that our pre-purchase building inspections comply with or exceed the Australian Standard AS-4349.1-2007-Inspection-of-buildings-Pre-purchase-inspections-Residential-buildings.

You are welcome to attend the inspection, which gives you the opportunity to go through the property with the Inspector and discuss any concerns you may have. Once you have received the report, we are more than happy to take the time to discuss the content and provide you with expert advice if required.

What’s Included?

Our Building Reports detail:
Defects that need addressing immediately.
Safety hazards that require urgent attention.
Major problems that require professional repairs due to extensive damage.
Superficial defects that are classed as normal maintenance.
Plus anything we find that we feel you should know about, within the scope of the report limitations.

A Pre-purchase Building Inspection Includes the Examination of Visible Areas:

  • Hot water system for leaks and age
  • Wet areas including presence of moisture
  • Tiling, grout and sealants, paintwork
  • Glazing and ventilation
  • Smoke alarms (We do not test smoke alarms)
  • Doors, windows, locks, hinges and handles
  • Insulation, framing, sub floor
  • Plaster cracks, cornices, ceilings
  • Roofing, eaves, gutters and downpipes
  • Ground and surface water drainage
  • Retaining walls, paving, paths and driveway
  • Flashings, windows, doors and lintels
  • Foundations and bearers, joists and floor materials
  • Sub floor space and roof void if accessible


Our Timber Pest Reports cover:
  • Structures, fences & trees within 30m of the main building but within the property boundaries will be inspected.
  • Details of any visible timber pest activity, whether current or in the past.
  • Any damage caused by wood decay or rot.
  • Any major safety hazards.
  • Susceptibility of the property to timber pests.
  • Whether a more invasive inspection is recommended.
  • Evidence of chemical delignification.
  • Visible evidence of Borers of seasoned timbers.
  • Presence of mould or mildew.
    Reports are normally available the next business day.
    The Importance of Professional Building and Pest Inspections

    Whether you are buying an established house or suspect there may be issues in a property you already own, a building and pest inspection is an important investment. A property inspection conducted by a trained and qualified professional can identify defects that you may not notice on a cursory property walkthrough as a buyer.

    If you’re a seller wanting to market your property at it’s best, get the advantage with a building report that can help you take vital steps to resolve problems (such as making arrangements for termite treatment, if there are signs of an infestation). A thorough building and pest inspection report may also give you the opportunity to undertake repairs or renovations before going to market in order to get the best possible price.

    If you need a property building and pest inspection today, give us a call at All Building Inspections.

    Building and Pest Inspections by All Building Inspections
    All Building Inspections Team
    All Building Inspections – The Trusted Name for Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspections in Cairns
      • We go the extra mile. Do you need an urgent building and pest report? Most inspection companies book up their schedules at least a week in advance and don’t have a lot of wiggle room to fit in last-minute bookings. While we can’t always promise to fit in urgent requests, we will always try our best to squeeze you into the schedule if you require an urgent inspection.
      • We offer a fully holistic approach. If you need both building and pest inspection, or if the house you are thinking about buying has a pool and you require a pool inspection too, you can end up spending money on multiple assessments — even though there is considerable overlap across the three services. We combine building, pest and pool inspections into one, to save our clients money, time and hassle.
      • We are locals. When it comes to engaging a Building Inspector to perform a building and pest inspection in Cairns, work with locals. Our team comprises only Cairns locals, most of whom have been living and working here for many years. Our local presence means we understand the specific weather conditions and other tropical issues that properties in the area face — knowledge that helps us deliver superior inspection services.


     Building and Pest Inspections – Related Services

    All Building Inspections Can Combine services to Save You Money and Time, including:

          • Asbestos Audits: Asbestos was used in many constructions in Australia through the middle of the 1980s and wasn’t entirely banned here until 2003. When planning a home renovation for an older structure, it’s essential to pick an inspection team (such as ours) that can also perform an asbestos audit.
          • Pool Safety Inspections: In Queensland, if you sell or lease a property you must have a current Form 23 (Pool Safety Certificate). Combine your pool safety with a building and pest inspection and save.
          • Toxic Residue Screenings: For rental properties, it is becoming more common to perform toxic residue screens between tenants—particularly if drug activity from a previous tenant is suspected. We can perform these tests promptly and at an affordable rate.
          • Household Pest Treatment: Our licensed pest management technician can provide pest control for residential and commercial buildings.
          • Building Maintenance: If we identify problems with your building in our inspection, we can also offer quotes for rectifications, and our licensed tradesmen can carry out those repairs in-house.