Building Stage Inspections

What you think you’ll be getting for your money may be different from what your builder plans to deliver for the agreed price.
Stage Inspections throughout the building process will help you avoid any complications before it’s too late to deal with them effectively.

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New Builds

The process of constructing your dream home can be an anxious time – we can help to keep things running smoothly by providing independent and objective quality control reports at regular stages throughout the build. 

Inspections at Varying Stages of Your Build

We can assist you with an inspection at a number of stages during your building process. Below is a summary of these different points of your construction journey.

Our 5 Stages to Inspect Include:


1. Foundation Stage: Immediately after slab pour

2. Frame: When the frame is complete but before internal wall linings

3.  Roof: After the roof is on

4. Lock-up: When external windows and doors are installed

5. Handover: A detailed inspection when the building is finished

Our Other Services

Building & Pest Inspections

All Building Inspections pre-purchase building reports are clear and comprehensive, providing you with the knowledge and confidence to make the right decision on a property purchase. 

Pool Safety Compliance

Our licensed Pool Safety Inspector can carry out a complete pool safety inspection, provide the state-issued compliance certificate if everything is in line with the Standards, and provide you with a report listing any items that need repair.

Asbestos warning sign on cement wall

Asbestos Audits

Our local building inspector has a thorough knowledge of asbestos and we comply with all applicable legislation relating to asbestos relevant to QLD and with the Code of Practice for the Management and Control of Asbestos in the Workplace.

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