Australia is home to many species of termite which can infest the timber of homes, diminishing the structural integrity of the wood over time. Our professional and friendly team are trained find any evidence of termite infestation in your potential new home so that you can go ahead with the purchase with confidence.


Related Services We Provide to Building Pest Inspection

Building pest inspections are only one of the many ways we can offer a potential home buyer peace of mind with their major purchase. We give free quotes and combine our services in a single visit. Here are a couple of our other options:

  • Queensland has revised its pool laws with many new regulations and guidelines. Our pool safety inspection will help to ensure that your pool meets these important safety requirements and is compliant with Queensland regulations.
  • Our detailed and clear pre-purchase building inspection report is a must before you sign a contract. We compile the comprehensive building report and get it to you within 24 hours of the inspection.


Common Mistakes People Make Regarding a Timber Pest Inspection

The most common mistake that potential home buyers make when considering a termite inspection is choosing not to have one done. Termites and timber borers can be difficult to detect and when missed, the damage they cause could lead to structural instability. Our inspections include:

  • Our thorough termite inspection will not just look at the house, but the structures, grounds, fences and trees within 30 metres of the main building. Even if your home is clear of termites, having a colony close by makes it more likely that they will eventually move into your home.
  • In addition to searching for evidence of termites and other pests, we will rate the susceptibility of the property to future infestation.


The Importance of Pre-purchase Pest Inspection

Given the potential damage that pests such as termites can cause, the importance of a pest inspection before purchasing a home cannot be understated. Here are a couple of the most vital points of our pre-purchase pest inspection:

  • Our experienced team will check for any damage caused by wood decay and rot while they search for any sign of termite activity.
  • With our detailed and easy-to-read report, we provide realistic treatment options for any issue we discover. If we find evidence that requires a further, more invasive inspection, we will advise you on your options.


Tips for Getting More Value out of Your Pest Inspection in Cairns

Everyone wants to get the most value out of every dollar they spend. Follow these tips to maximise the value of our services:

  • By choosing to take advantage of our inspection services, you are ensuring that you get the most value out of your purchase.
  • Bundling more than one of our services together allows us to inspect multiple aspects of your potential new home in the same visit.


Why All Building Inspections’ Building and Pest Report is Cost Effective

Buying a home could be the largest purchase you’ll make in your life, and with such a big commitment, you want to be sure you are getting what you are paying for. With the impartial report you will receive after our inspections, you can sign on the dotted line with confidence, knowing that your new home is exactly what you expected it to be. We perform multiple inspections at the same time for extra value as well. If you are interested in learning more about our services and need a free quote, contact us today.